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Experiment Revised: Do older wide aperture lenses have issues with CMOS cameras?

Here is a link to my first article as well as the reason I’m doing the test. Thanks to a good tip from a user at a forum I frequent, I decided to test with just the FA 50mm f1.4 lens on both bodies. The difference this time is that I covered the data connections between the cameras and lens for the second sample set. Reason for the testing: Find … Continue reading

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On the riverbank. (Chinon 55mm f1.7)

After doing some testing with the Chinon 55mm f1.7 I was really wanting to take the lens out. So after a meeting today I took the lens and the K-7 out for a stroll at one of the local parks near the Rock River. I’m pretty enthusiastic about the results considering I probably paid a pretty small amount for the lens quite a few years ago. Considering it’s an M42 … Continue reading

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Experiment: Do older wide aperture lenses have issues with CMOS cameras?

To follow up on my article here about the possibility that camera manufacturers are upping ISO behind the scenes with older wide aperture lenses, I attempted to do a test with two of my lenses and the two camera bodies I have. The test components: – K-7 camera body (CMOS type imaging sensor) – K10D camera body (CCD type imaging sensor) – Chinon 55mm f1.7 (M42 Screwmount + K-adapter designed … Continue reading

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“Bentax” Beatles Pentax Advertisement Among Others

I noticed this video on a forum posting at and thought it was amusing. Apparently the Beatles had a fondness or some type of advertising deal with Pentax back in their heyday. Here is the video on Youtube: If you do a search in Japanese on youtube, you find quite a few other unusual advertisements: There is an old advertisement where a Pentax Spotmatic is used by a young … Continue reading

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Older Wide Aperture Glass Compensated Behind The Scenes? I noticed this link a few minutes ago. It’s an interesting article and I suggest a visit to check it out. Using facts from the DxO group, the author suggests that large aperture lenses are not being fully utilized by current digital camera sensors due to a failing in their design. Light rays coming from the outer edges are not parallel enough, so they never reach the light sensing … Continue reading

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Fall Leaves

Fall is in full force now. Strong winds and leaves everywhere. I took a few images today with the K-7 and FA 50mm f1.4. These images below are in the range f1.6 to f2.0. I was looking to get some action shots, but of course once I went outside the wind didn’t pickup much. “3rds” “Curve” “Slice” “Suspended”

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Camera Factory Variation (Auto-Focus alignment)

I was planning on writing an article about my three wide angle lenses (14mm f2.8, 10-17mm fisheye, and Zenitar 16mm fisheye). I started taking a few sample photos with each and noticed something strange. The images at wide aperture with the 14mm f2.8 looked really poor. Initially I was thinking that user error was involved, so I went through various processes about… 3 or 4 times with the same result. … Continue reading

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Reversing Ring (Macro Photography)

Thanks to David at my local camera shop Camera Craft Inc. for giving me a M42 reversing ring + M42 to K-mount Adapter. This is a fun little gadget that’s a nice cheap way to get into extreme macro photography. This is what the reversing adapter looks like: The black ring is the one that you connect a lens to backwards. The silver ring is the adapter that converts the … Continue reading

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