On the riverbank. (Chinon 55mm f1.7)

After doing some testing with the Chinon 55mm f1.7 I was really wanting to take the lens out. So after a meeting today I took the lens and the K-7 out for a stroll at one of the local parks near the Rock River. I’m pretty enthusiastic about the results considering I probably paid a pretty small amount for the lens quite a few years ago. Considering it’s an M42 without any data connection to the camera body, it’s extremely easy to use out in the field.

My setting overall:
Highlight correction on and shadow correction +2 on.
User mode set to (P)rogram, I have the camera control the shutter speed and ISO while I handle the aperture.
Switched primarily between f1.7 and f5.6 throughout the walk. The aperture setting f1.7 is surprisingly sharp and contrast-y.

Here are a few of the photographs (full set on Flickr):

I love the amount of 3D depth produced in this image.

All reflecting.
All reflecting.
Having highlight/shadow correction setting on the K-7 on is excellent in recording water reflection. At this point I’m not sure which setting is the major contributor as I tend to use them together.

I like the qualities of this lenses bokeh. Although I’ll admit it could be better if it had rounded aperture blades.

Using the manual focus ring with this lens is a dream compared to the new-fangled lenses with short focus ring travel. Seeing as manual focus is the only option, that’s a good thing!

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