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Cruise Day 5: St Martin And The Ship.

On day 4, I didn’t take any photos which is why I’m skipping it. For day 5 we arrived at our first port of call. It’s an island called St. Martin / Sint Maarten that is located in the Caribbean sea (coordinates 18°01’N 63°03’W). Here is the full set of images on Flickr. The highlight of the trip was a tour of our island by an American expatriate named Jose … Continue reading

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Cruise Day 3: Still On The Boat

Day three was still a full day on the ship because our first destination was canceled. I spent most of my time taking photos of the ship and the ocean. Photo set on Flickr. The gleaming sun: The ship life boats on the horizon. The absolute forward of the ship. One of my favorite areas. A relative of mine wiping out on the wave rider. Mini Putt on the ocean. … Continue reading

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Cruise Day 2: On The Boat

The second day of the trip we boarded the boat and waited for it to sail off to our first destination, which was Coco Cay (technically it ended up being St. Martin due to bad weather in Coco Cay). The full set of images on flickr. A large Christmas tree was on the main street deck (level 5): I managed to get a few nice bird images when waiting for … Continue reading

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Cruise Day 1: Disney Magic Kingdom

I’ll be writing an entry for every day of the vacation as I go through each set of photos. We arrived a day early in Florida, so we all decided to take the opportunity to visit Disney World. It’s pretty expensive for a single day (around $87 a person), but worth it. I’d like to take a dedicated trip there in the future. Here is the complete set of photos … Continue reading

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Back From The Trip

I returned from the trip Sunday night. Started looking through the photos and some look pretty good, although I had a few issues I’ll go over in the coming weeks through articles on the site. Quick tip: Don’t use clear lens filters. I had a higher-end clear “digital” lens filter on the FA 31mm Limited and it caused very bad flare/reflections in some situations (reflections off of the filter were … Continue reading

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Off For A Week

There won’t be any updates for a week as I’m leaving for the trip tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll come back with a few thousand photos, some of which I’ll display on the site. Plans moving forward: – Add more reviews in the format I’ve been doing. – Once my collection is finished, go back and do more technical reviews showing resolution and comparison between lenses of similar focal length and/or aperture. … Continue reading

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Accessory Review: Lowepro DMC-Z Memory Card Wallet

If you’ve had digital cameras for a while, you probably have quite a collection of memory cards. As I upgrade cameras I also buy a few memory cards to deal with the increased file sizes. What better way to keep track of and use all of my old cards than to buy a memory card wallet. Probably a good half a year ago I bought a Lowepro DMC-Z to get … Continue reading

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Camera Kit For The Trip

All items are in and ready for the trip! I think I’ve got all of my bases covered in focal length and maximum aperture. I’m looking forward to giving my two new recruits (31mm and 50-200mm) a full run-through. I’ve decided to take: DA 14mm f2.8 – Rectilinear wide angle should be great for taking images on the ship, and of course landscape vistas. FA 31mm f1.8 Limited – All … Continue reading

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