Cruise Day 1: Disney Magic Kingdom

I’ll be writing an entry for every day of the vacation as I go through each set of photos. We arrived a day early in Florida, so we all decided to take the opportunity to visit Disney World. It’s pretty expensive for a single day (around $87 a person), but worth it. I’d like to take a dedicated trip there in the future.

Here is the complete set of photos on Flickr.

Waiting in line for the haunted house ride, I stabilized the camera on a ledge to take this photo:
Eerie backdrop.
They must have lighting experts at Disney World because the park is really colorfully lit at night. The image was taken with the 31mm Limited at f1.8 and ISO 800.

Cinderella Castle changes colors throughout the night. The day we were there a large amount of fog rolled in causing the mystic feel to this image.
Cinderella Castle Glow

They have a parade every night. This dragon was my favorite part.

There are small Disney details everywhere throughout the park.
Minnie mouse in bronze.

Toward the end it was almost impossible to see the castle due to fog.
Cinderella Castle Mystic

The park was full of Christmas decorations:
Toy soldier.

The park is just as interesting at night as in the day:
Shinning dome.

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