Cruise Day 8: Final Images

This was the last day on the ship. I mush have wanted to put in a good effort photography wise because the results are nice in my opinion, considering a full day sailing again.

Here is the full set on Flickr.

The 31mm Limited proved itself again in sharpness and contrast:
Christmas tree detail.

One of my favorite areas of the ship, absolute forward:
Absolute forward.
Absolute forward.

Ocean vistas…
Ocean vista.
Ocean vista.
Ocean vista.

I really liked walking the top deck at night and taking photos:
Vibrant night view.

They had a circus parade on main street:
Confetti finale.

That’s it for the cruise photos. While the whole atmosphere and feel of a cruise vacation was foreign to me, it was a fun trip overall. Many thanks to my aunt and uncle for sponsoring the trip. I think if I were to go on another cruise, it would be one that visits many ports for most of the vacation. There is only so much I can do on the boat, but I could see a major benefit in having a “home” to store luggage and have meals on hand. A three week Mediterranean cruise would be great in that respect.

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