More Mock Studio: Apple with Flash and Glass

I decided to do more practice with the two off-camera flash units. This time I was using a single apple with a sheet of glass (glass from a simple picture frame) to play around with reflection and flash placement.

The equipment:
– Two Yongnuo YN460-II set in S1 mode at 1-3 bars of power. They were mounted on Flashpoint stands.
– Camera was a K-5 and DA* 55mm f1.4 lens.
– A glass picture frame as well as a plastic container.

First off I just tried photographing the apple on the picture frame. The frame came with a matte black background:

I had to clean up the black area on the left a bit by “burning” the blackness to make it less reflective and showing imperfections. I had first started off by using the healing brush, but it wasn’t enough.

Next up I decided to get some spacing between the glass and table by using a plastic container. I also put one of the flashes under the glass to provide some floor lighting:

I noticed a few things I need to work on:
– I need to work on more diffusion of the flash light. Even at minimum power and with a basic diffuser at a low ambient light level, the apple experienced blown highlights often.
– Unlike my last studio practice, I was using a larger aperture most of the time. It was too large, so the apple was not fully in focus.

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