Monthly Archives: May 2011 Canon 7D and Pentax K-5 Comparative Review

Today released a review comparing the Canon 7D and Pentax K-5. Overall I think it is a really interesting review for a person who uses either system. I think they tried to be as non-fanboy-ish as possible by bringing out the best and worst of each system. Here is the review link: It brought up the pretty well known differences: – The 7D has great AF and video … Continue reading

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100mm f2.8 Macro and 10-17mm Fisheye Practice

Today I went out to a local park for the nice weather and to get some practice. This time I used two lenses that don’t get as much usage as some of my others. The 100mm f2.8 Macro and 10-17mm Fisheye lenses. Here are a few photos: A small photo can’t do justice to just how sharp that photo is at 100% detail. It was taken with the 100mm f2.8 … Continue reading

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ACEN 2011 Photo Bombers

In case you haven’t heard of the term, A photo bomb happens when someone in the background intentionally looks at the camera, or even makes a funny face to seemingly ruin a photograph. In my mind I think they are pretty amusing and the photos have a value all there own. Well, that is of course all within reason. Too much or not going away, so I can eventually get … Continue reading

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Convention Photography Techniques: ACEN 2011

I wanted to go over the techniques I used at this convention partly for a personal log and also for anyone who might find the discussion of techniques interesting. This really is just a selection of techniques, but a good overview nonetheless. Primary Equipment: Pentax K-5 camera body Pentax FA 31mm f1.8 lens Sigma 530 DG Super flash + Stofen diffuser (used in certain situations) Pentax DA 50-200mm WR lens … Continue reading

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ACEN (Anime Central) 2011: Sunday Day 3 Photos

I finally finished processing photos. Sunday was a bit easier to get through than Saturday of course. Besides the Prince of Tennis gathering, I just spent my time walking around and taking miscellaneous cosplay photos. So when processing was all said and done it took me around 4 days to post-process 3 days of photos. I had around 20 camera raw setting saves that I selected through, so that I … Continue reading

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ACEN (Anime Central) 2011: Saturday Day 2 Photos

Saturday was probably the biggest day photography wise. A lot of random cosplay photos in the halls as well as the masquerade and fashion show. A few highlight images: Cosplay at Anime conventions encompasses more than just things from Japan. An excellent Master Chief cosplay: I believe this person and a few others were a walking advertisement for a Renaissance fair. Very excellent makeup work and how they never broke … Continue reading

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ACEN (Anime Central) 2011: Friday Day 1 Photos

I’m back from the 3-day Anime convention in Rosemont Illinois. Started processing photos, but it is slow work. I tweak every image by hand in Adobe camera raw and sometimes make a few modifications once the image is opened up in Photoshop. A a few highlight photos from Friday (day 1): As you can see, I forced myself to use the flash in some situations. The Sigma did well considering … Continue reading

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Comparison: FA 31mm f1.8 Limited to DA 40mm f2.8 Limited

The question was brought up on Pentax Forums recently “Is the 31mm Limited really 2.8 times better than the 40mm Limited?” As you can guess, the debate has been raging on for many pages. Here are the resulting images tagged on Flickr. They are all full sized with EXIF for your viewing pleasure. Later in this article I proved a big table with each image and general information with links … Continue reading

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