DeviantArt Cosplay Charity Event at San Diego Comic-Con

A friend on Facebook posted a notification to me about a charity event that the website is holding at San Diego Comic Con 2012.

Here is the event details:

We need your coolest COSPLAY PHOTOGRAPHY for display as part of the deviantART Benefit ART Show at the San Diego Comic-Con!

Proceeds go to the Schreiner Burn Hospital, which routinely invites cosplayers to join in their fundraising events and encourages cosplayers to interact with the hospital’s young burn victims as part of their therapy.

So far, I have three submissions of photos I took recently at the Chicago Botanic Garden gathering. I might ask a few additional cosplayers, but I’m not sure yet. Regardless if if my work gets into the event, it sounds like a worthy cause to help children suffering from severe burns.

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