Klehm Arboretum Model Shoot

Yesterday I took some photos at a local arboretum for the person in the photos. Overall the results turned out decent, but I was having some issues with judging the level of exposure. I’ll talk about that more after the photo break.

Here are some example photo from the photo session:

I again went with the combination I used for my event at the Botanic Garden in Chicago. As per usual, I shoot in RAW format and post process in Adobe Bridge / Camera Raw. Once I finish up with tweaking each photo, I run an automated batch process in Photoshop to create JPEGs.

K-01 with 14mm f2.8
– Used in aperture priority at f5.6 for the entire time. Some fill light and additional contrast was added to most images in post.
K-5 with 55mm f1.4
– Used with an external flash and in aperture priority with some negative exposure compensation. I didn’t deal well with some of the extreme exposure variation. I should have decreased the overall exposure more than I had in many of the situations. My aperture was from f1.4 to f2.8 most of the time.

I had intended to experiment with a large reflector, but my helper was unable to make it to the shoot. I think the reflector would have helped equalize the foreground and background exposure.

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