Ramencon 2012 Photos

I went to a convention in Indiana called Ramencon. You can see more about it on their website. I was planning on staying two nights, but decided to check out on Saturday morning instead. I was still able to get a good deal of images on Saturday afternoon, which was nice.

Here are my photos from the event (various ways to view them):
Right here on PhotographyBanzai.com:
General Photos
Lollipop Chainsaw Photos
Magi Photos

Facebook (“like” the main page so you can tag yourself):
General Photos
Lollipop Chainsaw Photos
Magi Photos

A few highlight photos:

You can see my related cvfta.blogspot.com article here for a different discussion about Ramencon and convention photography in general.

As I’m trying to sell of my equipment, I only took a minimal kit. I brought the K-5 and K-01 with the 31mm and 24mm lenses along with my Sigma flash. I ended up only using the K-5, 31mm lens, and flash for the whole convention. Using that combination isn’t new to me, but I feel that I was able to get a lot more variety than I’ve normally been able to achieve with it.

I first started off with just the camera and lens, but eventually decided that flash would be safer from a quality standpoint. I had CTO gels with me, but didn’t have the effort to use them. In retrospect, I should have put forth that effort. Quite a few areas on the hotel had strong tungsten lights, so quite a few of my photos have orange backgrounds.

Along with the sidestep of not using a flash gel, I should be more mindful of angles and where the flash head is positioned to avoid harsh shadows being cast behind the subject. I prefer just having the flash attached to the camera, so it is pretty challenging to avoid it sometimes.

Overall, I’m happy with the results. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.

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