I attended Taiyou Con 2013

Edit: I finished processing my photos. Please check out the related gallery links articles below.

Convention Report
Technical Talk

Convention Photos:
Photography Banzai: Friday, Saturday, Maid Cafe, Masquerade, Sunday

Facebook (tag-able): Friday, Saturday, Maid Cafe, Masquerade, Sunday

For anyone who came to this website looking for Taiyou Con photos that I took…
I won’t be able to process and upload them until I get back home on the 11th. It will probably take at least a few days after that. You can expect similar coverage to past convention articles on this site and cvfta.blogspot.com. I ended up with a bit over 700 photos that I will have to deal with.

This was my first convention in the west. It was an interesting experience. My regards to the people I had a chance to meet and talk with.

I hope everyone had a great time at Taiyou Con!

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