ACEN 2013 Photos

I attended Anime Central 2013. A few hours on Friday, all of Saturday, and Sunday until around 2pm.

Here are my general “hallway” cosplay photos.

Facebook gallery (tag-able)

If you know me and I took a photo of you, you will probably in the other gallery.

My motivation level for taking photos of random cosplay was pretty low, so I only ended up with a few hundred photos. You can see past years photos here.

Here are a few of my favorite photos of ACEN 2013:

p1787789659-o399794296-2 p1688833604-o399794296-2
p1620575487-o399794296-2 p1756384678-o399794296-2

I think I might start focusing more on private photoshoots at future conventions.

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