Canon EF-M 32mm f1.4 STM Lens | First Look & Hands-On Tests

I completely switched to the Canon EF-M system for now and wanted a “normal” 50mm equivalent lens. Canon just so happened to release this 32mm f1.4 lens! I received it yesterday and have spent the entire time working on this video. I’d say around 10 hours filming and editing. In that video I show you the lens close up and mention some of my initial impressions such as the 32mm having a very similar design compared to the 22mm f2 lens. Yeah, sadly even the extending inner barrel that I’m not a fan of. Probably the most unusual feature of this lens is the focus limiter switch that cuts focus from 0.5m to infinity. For the little bit of testing I’ve done here so far, it does help with the speed of focusing. When you use the full focusing range, this lens can focus pretty close.

Here are the photos I took for this video (full resolution JPEGs exported with no changes. due to the software I’m using I had to go from CR3 to DNG RAWs then JPEGs):

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So far so good. There looks to be a bit of red/green fringing, but the images look very detailed and the background blur seems smooth. I’ll most likely talk about this lens in the future as I spend more time using it.

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