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Opinion: Pentax lens price increase from 10-90%…

I noticed on PentaxForums about a unilateral price scheme in the USA. This pricing scheme just increased the price of many Pentax lenses, most especially the DA* line. No lenses went down in price. My opinion would be… What on Earth could Pentax USA/Ricoh be thinking? I wouldn’t normally post about the frequent fluctuating cost of camera equipment, but when a lens like the DA* 60-250mm goes up around $800 … Continue reading

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Help assemble a Google Map for finding Pentax DSLRs locally!

If you have visited my site before, you probably noticed that most of my advanced equipment is from Pentax. I like a lot about it, but there are some negatives to using them over the big two brands that currently dominate the market. First is lesser support from 3rd parties (Please someone make a P-TTL wireless flash trigger system that can do FP sync) and the second is lack of … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Ricoh

As I’m a believer in going to the source to make sure things go well, I just sent a general inquiry email to Ricoh Japan. For people who are actually good at Japanese, pardon my low quality letter. I think it good enough to get my point across though. If you see odd squares and such below in my letter to Ricoh, that means your computer can’t display Japanese because … Continue reading

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