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Self Iris Photos with the Pentax WG-2


The Pentax WG-2 has a special macro configuration that allows some unique images. In addition to the lens being capable of a 1cm macro mode, the camera comes with 6 while LED lights that surround the front element of the lens. This allows these extreme close ups to have sufficient light. Here is a picture of the camera’s lens and macro lights: The white circles surrounding the lens glass are … Continue reading

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Cantigny Gardens Cosplay Meetup


Before Comic Con, I attended a small meetup at Cantigny Gardens in Wheaton Illinois. It is a large park with a lot of green space, flowering gardens, buildings, a tank park (yes, military tanks), and other various structures. Here are a few photos from the event, enjoy! (entire gallery here) The equipment used: Pentax K-01 with the Pentax FA* 85mm f1.4 lens Pentax K-5 with the Pentax FA* 24mm f2 … Continue reading

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Anderson Japanese Garden Excursion (with cosplay)


A friend of mine set up a meetup at our local Japanese garden (see their website for more information). For a moderate fee per person, you can visit the garden for the entire day and just enjoy the place or do some basic photography (no tripods). You get a sticker colored to the day that allows you to go to lunch and return later. We had initially intended to have … Continue reading

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2012 Chicago Botanic Garden Cosplay Photo Set


I promoted this on my other outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, but I thought it would be nice to make an article as well. I’ll go into technical details after the highlight photos. Here is the entire gallery: Some highlights of the event: Situation: – We were there from around noon to 7pm. The beginning hours had a lot of strong harsh light we had to deal with, … Continue reading

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Tiger & Bunny Blue Rose Cosplay Photoshoot


If you are unfamiliar with cosplay, this phrase “Tiger & Bunny” the name of an animated TV series in Japan that is also available in the USA on DVD (licensed by a company called Viz Media). Blue Rose is a female character that has been pretty popular in the convention cosplay scene. A friend of a friend wanted to get some photos for a calendar contest that is happening soon, … Continue reading

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