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Posts about photos taken at extended vacations or trips.

Anderson Japanese Garden Excursion (with cosplay)


A friend of mine set up a meetup at our local Japanese garden (see their website for more information). For a moderate fee per person, you can visit the garden for the entire day and just enjoy the place or do some basic photography (no tripods). You get a sticker colored to the day that allows you to go to lunch and return later. We had initially intended to have … Continue reading

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Arizona: Wonderful light here and there.


Like any photography at around sunset or sunrise, it’s a unique and wonderful time to take photos. The sky of Arizona turns into a mixture of strong blue with deep yellow. The yellow casts a tint to everything around making it seemingly glow. Not often are there clouds, so the true vibrant color is there on the forefront. I stayed out one evening toward the end of sunset and managed … Continue reading

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Arizona: Canyon and Vista Photos


I’ll be posting a few photos of various types of scenic views of Arizona. My first is a set of canyon and general scenic vistas from the northern areas of the state. Primarily the Grand Canyon and Canyon De Chelly. Here is the complete set of photos from the trip. While on the south rim, it was further east and quite a ways from the major tourist trap area. Self … Continue reading

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Cruise Day 8: Final Images

This was the last day on the ship. I mush have wanted to put in a good effort photography wise because the results are nice in my opinion, considering a full day sailing again. Here is the full set on Flickr. The 31mm Limited proved itself again in sharpness and contrast: One of my favorite areas of the ship, absolute forward: Ocean vistas… I really liked walking the top deck … Continue reading

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Cruise Day 7: Back To The Boat

Not too many photos on the 24th. We started sailing back to Florida on the 24th, so more ship photos. They had another event on the main street deck (5) which was pretty interesting. Everything from towel folding to food carving demonstrations were being shown. By then they started selling cheaper merchandise such as watches and womens’ accessories. The full set of images on Flickr. A self portrait of sorts. … Continue reading

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