Editing Tip: Using a game controller to review and cull photos.

In this video I go over using a PS4 DualShock controller when reviewing and culling photos. It’s an ergonomic and quick way to go over large numbers of photos in your initial review process. In my case I use Adobe Bridge CS5, which has limited support for keyboard shortcuts.

You can use whatever controller you want as long as you have the ability to mimic keyboard inputs. The DS4Windows program I use has full macro support, which is great.

Here is how I have mine set up:
– D-pad
= The arrow keys on the keyboard so you can navigate through the photo list.

– top triggers
== no rating, 5 star rating
== CTRL+0 and CTRL+5

– top buttons
== left is -1 rating, right is +1 rating
== CTRL+, and CTRL+.

– triangle button
== show only 5 star rating in the photo list

– x button
== clear the photo list filter

– square button
== -1 thumbnail size

– circle button
== +1 thumbnail size

– the trackpad works as the PC mouse

Here are a few extras I added after making the video:
– left analog joystick up
== jumps to top of photo list
== home key

– left analog joystick down
== jumps to bottom of photo list
== end key

The PS4 controller drivers:

Adobe Bridge shortcut list:

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2015 Botanic Gardens Cosplay

I attended an event hosted by my convention/photographer/cosplayer friends “Cosplayer With A Camera” and Hikikomori Sama at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. They have had the event there for a number of years, but this might be the last. The garden has some pretty restrictive policies on photography, which makes things difficult for us. This year they tightened the policies even more and we had some aggressive staff on carts show up toward the end of the night. The garden itself is really large and beautiful, which is of course great for the pictures we take.

Here are a few highlight photos from the event:

p1288574805-2 p1288569975-2
p1288553273-2 p1288541795-2

All I brought for the event was the Nikon D600 and 50mm f1.8g lens. It’s a nice combination that allows you do a decent amount without the extra bulk and hassles. Along with that, the overcast skies helped a lot with getting nice photos. Shade and uniform outdoor light are great for simple natural photos that don’t need much editing afterward.

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June Starved Rock Photoshoot

My friend and fellow photographer Kings Cosplay set up a photoshoot at Starved Rock State Park in Utica, IL. Though we had our fair share of issues such as part of the park flooding, we did manage to get a decent amount of time to take photos. Besides getting some photography in, I enjoyed the exercise and scenic views!

p1274726163-2 p1274719028-2
p1271972353-2 p1273493391-2

I brought a pretty simple camera kit. The Nikon D600 along with a 28mm f1.8 and 70-210mm f4 lens. I also brought a single flash, but only used that for around 5 photos. My go-to for most of the event was the telephoto. I like the photos out of that ~$200 old used 1980s telephoto lens just as much as anything else. The lens is weirdly shaped, ugly, and with old school screw-drive AF, but does the job well.

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Motorcycle Model Photoshoots

I recently joined in on a two-day photoshoot Kings Cosplay had scheduled with the local model Ari Jade. The theme was race queen with most of the secondary subject being motorcycles.

Here are a few highlight photos:

DSC_0915 DSC_0606
DSC_0604 DSC_0619

Day one equipment:
28mm f1.8 lens
Two flash with a stand, umbrella, and a 6×8″ diffuser.

The first day was a bit rough photo wise. All we initially had to work with was a home garage and by the time we got out to a downtown parking garage later in the day it was really dark, so the background wasn’t usable. The main issue I didn’t properly compensate for was the sodium vapor lamps the parking garage used, which produces monochromatic light. I also tried gels on my flash, which didn’t have a strong enough orange to match the garage lamps.

The parking garage photos were best in monochrome.

The parking garage photos were best in monochrome.

Day two equipment:
28mm f1.8 lens
70-210mm f4 lens
Two flash with a stand and large 42″ brolly box softbox umbrella.
I also had a bracket where the two flash could be both inside the diffuser.

I would like to use that 42″ brolly box more often because it can produce a nice soft light. It’s a little difficult to use, but it is really worth the effort. I actually have two, but I’d probably need to get more flash to properly use two large diffusers like that. The same goes for the cheap 70-210mm f4 lens that I have. Though it isn’t up to the standard of current glass in regard to sharpness and such, but it has worked well for people photos every time that I have used it.

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