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ACEN 2012: Photographer Collaboration Article

One of the great things about conventions is the potential for meeting new people and networking. While I had known of Stephen ( http://secretasianman.tv/ ) through the Anime Central forum, I had never met him. This year we met at the photographer’s gathering we had organized through the forum. On that Friday we also spent some time doing “hallway cosplay” photography along with yet another photographer Jacob. One of the … Continue reading

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ACEN 2012 Photos Completed

I’m finished going through the entire ACEN photo set. Even though I took considerably less than 2011, it still took around a week due to having some contract work. My related articles: http://photographybanzai.com/2012/04/29/i-went-to-anime-central-2012-acen-photos-to-come/ http://photographybanzai.com/2012/05/02/acen-2012-sixh-opera-fashion-show/ http://photographybanzai.com/2012/05/02/acen-2012-private-photoshoots/ http://photographybanzai.com/2012/05/03/acen-2012-friday-photos/ http://photographybanzai.com/2012/05/04/acen-2012-saturday-photos/ http://photographybanzai.com/2012/05/05/acen-2012-sunday-photos/ My favorites and other honorable mentions I didn’t post before: With the big drop in quantity, I think I’ll have to try my best to stay at a hotel closer to the … Continue reading

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ACEN 2012: Sunday Photos

This is it for my Anime Central 2012 photos. I finished going through the Sunday photos last night, but passed out half way through them being uploaded to my Zenfolio gallery. Now that I’m back in the game, here are the results. A few highlights: Sunday was getting pretty sparse around noon, so I didn’t stay too long. Most of the activity was in the dealers room. It’s always pretty … Continue reading

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ACEN 2012: Saturday Photos

I finished going through what is usually the largest day photography wise. It looks like I took things pretty easy this year; only resulting in around 300 general convention photos for the day. Enjoy! Here are a few highlight photos: Equipment wise, I again used the 31mm f1.8 lens for the majority of my wandering around photos. I also switched off to the 85mm f1.4 for gathering photos frequently because … Continue reading

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ACEN 2012: Friday Photos

I finished going through the photos for Friday. They turned out pretty decent. Here are a few photos from Friday: Equipment wise I used the K-5, 31mm f1.8 lens, and Sigma flash most of the time. With settings I used aperture priority often with a fixed ISO and a negative exposure bias. That’s usually my go-to setup for quick reliable photography. It allows me to focus on more than just … Continue reading

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ACEN 2012: Private Photoshoots

I don’t often do private photoshoots. I generally like just walking around and randomly asking for photos of cosplayers. However, I don’t mind and will usually take them on if someone contacts me. ACEN wasn’t a definite plan until very soon before the convention started, so I only really had two people contact me within the time that I knew I was going. The reason I don’t do private shoots … Continue reading

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ACEN 2012: Sixh.OPERA Fashion Show

Besides private photoshoots, I just finished going through the pictures I took on Friday for the Sixh.OPERA event. This was an event where the Japanese designer named “Sixh” had a fashion show that was also mixed with his own live band music. It’s an interesting combination. Here are a few photos from the show: Equipment wise I was using the Pentax K-5 and FA* 85mm f1.4 lens. EXIF is visible … Continue reading

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I went to Anime Central 2012 (ACEN), photos to come…

I recently went to ACEN 2012. This is my 6th ACEN I’ve attended (first in 2003, skipped 2008-09). If you are unfamiliar with these events, they are Japanese Anime/culture events. They also include other topics like sci-fi media, comics, video games, Internet spawned forms of media, and costuming. I took quite a few photos, but it will take me a while to go through them (potentially a few weeks as … Continue reading

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