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Arizona Mile Markers Calendar (Photo & Video)

The work my uncle and I have done has started to come to fruition. This calendar that I put together from our photos (about half are my uncle’s) turned out pretty nice! CafePress seems to have nice high quality printers to output something like this. Their manufacturing costs are not priced that high either, so I can offer it for $20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOgCbx7r3EE Arizona Mile Markers Calendar …and the Wonders in … Continue reading

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The first Arizona item is a 2012 calendar.

If you frequent my website, you will know that I visited Arizona in October to see my aunt and uncle. I took a lot of photos with the intention of using some of them for content and products my uncle and I had planned. Our first joint product is a calendar entitled (click below for more info): Arizona Mile Markers…and the Wonders in Between… My uncle decided which images were … Continue reading

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Arizona: Wonderful light here and there.

Like any photography at around sunset or sunrise, it’s a unique and wonderful time to take photos. The sky of Arizona turns into a mixture of strong blue with deep yellow. The yellow casts a tint to everything around making it seemingly glow. Not often are there clouds, so the true vibrant color is there on the forefront. I stayed out one evening toward the end of sunset and managed … Continue reading

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Back from my trip to Arizona.

Last week I spent a full 7 days in Arizona visiting my aunt and uncle. There was a big focus on photography as my uncle and I had a few ideas we want to try out that require great images of the area. I’ll be going into more detail in the future about those ideas, but until then here is a photo my uncle took of me at the Grand … Continue reading

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