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Some Pentax K-30 Information

Update: See official information on PentaxForums.com EDIT: Some updates for new information… Specifications so far I personally think are valid: – Traditional digital SLR camera. – 16 Mega-pixel sensor with video capabilities like the K-01 – Weather resistant (Pentax WR). – Uses AA or rechargeable batteries. Basically the same power system as the K-r. – ISO range from 100 to 25600. – Black, white, and blue body panels in the … Continue reading

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Android: DSLRNinja Rate My Picture Game!

I was planning this application since I made the histogram one. Actually, my initial idea was to make a “histogram game” where the user would find out if their photo histogram was considered “good” by the software. I had some of the app written by copying existing code and modifying it, but I kept putting the project off. In retrospect I probably felt the app wasn’t exciting enough to bother … Continue reading

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Camera Review: Pentax K-7

A few years and over 22,000 actuations later, I put some time into reviewing the Pentax K-7 here on my website. Check it out! Youtube overview video (21 minutes): Jump to a review section: History Personal appeal Body design and control Issues How much better is the sensor in the K-5? Compared to the K20D Compared to the K-5 Is the camera worth looking into? Conclusion Technical Specifications History: The … Continue reading

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Pentax DSLR Movie Video Setting Techniques

In my efforts to improve the quality of my convention videos, I have spent time working through the settings of my DSLR cameras to get the best quality out of them as possible. I went over some settings in my previous article, but I thought only settings themselves were worth spending more time on. These techniques and settings apply to the K-5 and most likely the K-7 cameras. Overview on … Continue reading

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Question: Best Canon DSLR for video?

I was recently asked this question: Hey Scott…I’m looking at DSLRs from the filmmaker’s point of view. Of course I want to take awesome photos but the world of DSLR filmmaking is exploding and since the video quality for quite a few DSLRs are so amazing it’s something I want to get in on. I’m looking at the Canon 550D right now. I can’t afford anything like the 5D, desp…ite … Continue reading

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What you need for DSLR photography

Here is an article I wrote for another one of my websites “actuallysimple.com”: A DSLR Camera: Digital SLR cameras have been out on the market for quite a while now. All current models would probably be a pretty decent camera for the majority of people, however try not to buy the cheapest thing available. The cheapest DSLR cameras can be lacking in features that might be important to you in … Continue reading

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DSLR Camera Lens Basics

Here is an article I wrote for another one of my websites “actuallysimple.com”: If you own a Digital SLR camera, but have yet to buy a lens besides the one that came with the camera, you are missing out. In this article and video, I will go over a few lenses that you might find interesting to get more fun and quality out of your DSLR. Part 1 of 2: … Continue reading

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Digital Camera Basics

Here is an article I wrote for another one of my websites “actuallysimple.com”: Click here to view the video in high quality Are you interested in getting a digital camera, but don’t know what is available? Let me give you a quick overview of the most popular model types to help you decide which would fit your style best. 1. Digicam (Product Examples): These cameras are small and easy to … Continue reading

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