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Anime Midwest 2011 Photos

This weekend a friend and I went to a first-run convention called “Anime Midwest.” It’s one of many small conventions that a group of people have been running around this area for the last few months. It has a very different feel than something like Anime Central (23,000 guests this year). With anime convention, more is better in my book. Some highlight images: On Friday and Saturday I was using … Continue reading

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Tip: Achieving Optimal Sharpness

Here are a few suggestions on how to achieve optimal sharpness with any lens and DSLR camera. 1. Know your lens: All lenses have a range of settings and usage where they can achieve optimal sharpness. Aperture is a very important aspect to consider when looking to get sharp images. In many lenses, the largest aperture and smallest aperture will produce lower quality results compared to a few stops down … Continue reading

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