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Anime Midwest 2012 Photos

I went to Anime Midwest on Saturday to take photos and enjoy the convention. I was asked to take photos at the Pillowcases concert as well as the Masquerade, so that took some time from general hallway cosplay, but was a fun diversion. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the resulting photographs. Enjoy! I also have my photos exported to my Photography Banzai Facebook page if you want to tag yourself: … Continue reading

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ACEN 2012: Saturday Photos

I finished going through what is usually the largest day photography wise. It looks like I took things pretty easy this year; only resulting in around 300 general convention photos for the day. Enjoy! Here are a few highlight photos: Equipment wise, I again used the 31mm f1.8 lens for the majority of my wandering around photos. I also switched off to the 85mm f1.4 for gathering photos frequently because … Continue reading

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