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Lens Review: Pentax DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL

This lens was available from 2004 until around 2008 as the primary kit lens for Pentax DSLRs. Currently you can find it around at used camera lens sites like KEH or auction sites like eBay. It’s easy to find and very cheap. This is actually my second AL lens as I sold my first and acquired this one when I bought a used *ist D camera body recently. The 18-55mm … Continue reading

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Preparation for the Otakon Convention (Lens Kit)

I’m thinking about what to bring to the “Otakon” Anime convention. As this is going to be a big trip for us, I wanted to bring my A-game. The K-5 body is still MIA, but I wanted to have two camera bodies available. I purchased a used *ist D camera body. That blurred coin in the image is a nickel, not a quarter! I just had the camera delivered a … Continue reading

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Pro vs. Consumer Kit Lenses

I had seen an article mentioned that when it comes to sharpness, professional lenses have no clear advantage compared to kit lenses. While I can’t debate that suggestion without spending effort to search out or personally test kit lenses compared to professional, I still question the “sharpness” aspect, but There is a lot more to a quality lens than some measurement on a black and white scale. 1. build quality … Continue reading

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What you need for DSLR photography

Here is an article I wrote for another one of my websites “actuallysimple.com”: A DSLR Camera: Digital SLR cameras have been out on the market for quite a while now. All current models would probably be a pretty decent camera for the majority of people, however try not to buy the cheapest thing available. The cheapest DSLR cameras can be lacking in features that might be important to you in … Continue reading

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