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Best Tool For The Job Photography Vlog

In this linked video I talk about using the right camera for the task at hand. I made it mostly on a whim with the help of two older average specification smartphones. There are a few similar videos on the channel. I get a lot of questions like: “What is the best camera?” without any […]

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Fujifilm X100V

The embargo lifted on the new camera in the X100 series. The Fujifilm X100V! I haven’t had access to the camera and probably wont unless I buy it at some point, but here are my thoughts on the changes compared to the X100F. I did own the X100F for quite a while. There is a […]

General Tripod

Manfrotto Compact Light Tripod

I’m always on the lookout for low cost ultra compact tripods. When making videos solo I often need to bring some type of tripod with me so I can film myself with a second camera. There are the usual cases as well with long exposure photography or something like bracketed exposures that need a tripod. […]