Accessory Review: Lowepro DMC-Z Memory Card Wallet

If you’ve had digital cameras for a while, you probably have quite a collection of memory cards. As I upgrade cameras I also buy a few memory cards to deal with the increased file sizes. What better way to keep track of and use all of my old cards than to buy a memory card […]

Bags and Cases Reviews

Camera Bag Review: Swissgear Zinc Messenger Bag

I’ll be talking about my most recent purchase today. A Wenger Swissgear Zinc DSLR Camera Messenger Bag also known as “The ZINC” per their labeling. Here is an overview video I made: The true source of this bag is “Avenues in Leather, Inc” in Tinton Falls, NJ who appears to have licensed the Swiss […]

Lens Reviews

Lens Review: Pentax DA 40mm F2.8 Limited

The DA 40mm f2.8 Limited on a Pentax *ist DS camera body shows just how small the lens is: When thinking of Pentax as a camera company a few things come to mind. Skipping ones not relevant to this article, one of the major defining properties of their gear are special pancake prime lenses that […]