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Question: Best Canon DSLR for video?

I was recently asked this question: Hey Scott…I’m looking at DSLRs from the filmmaker’s point of view. Of course I want to take awesome photos but the world of DSLR filmmaking is exploding and since the video quality for quite a few DSLRs are so amazing it’s something I want to get in on. I’m […]

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I applaud Pentax Engineers and Programmers…

Dx0 mark released their data on the D7000 recently. Comparing the K-5 we see that… The K-5 comes out on top in most of the tests. Pentax has some fine programmers and engineers for sure given they were working with pretty much the same physical sensor as the Nikon camp was. Overall score: +2 points […]


Pro vs. Consumer Kit Lenses

I had seen an article mentioned that when it comes to sharpness, professional lenses have no clear advantage compared to kit lenses. While I can’t debate that suggestion without spending effort to search out or personally test kit lenses compared to professional, I still question the “sharpness” aspect, but there is a lot more to […]