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Can Bing GPT AI Chat help me compare two cameras?

I was planning on making a simple comparison video between the Canon EOS R50 and the Canon EOS M50 Mark II but right before I starting recording I received an e-mail that I gained access to Bing Chat, the new GPT AI natural language website and extensions to the Edge browser. This goal seemed like a good test of Bing Chat to see if it can work for this use case.

I used Chat GPT to summarize the video transcript:

Bing Chat isn’t capable enough to do this and it’s limited to 2000 characters per message. ChatGPT appears to have a limit around 4000 and it’s significantly better at using the text I provide it. Why that happens is impossible to say with what I know, but I’m guessing that it’s a mix of low processing budget, confusion from web results, and maybe a simpler model overall with not enough training on each subject.

Bing Chat called the Canon EOS M50 Mark II a DSLR camera which is incorrect.
Opening Talk

Canon is a well-known camera brand that produces high-quality cameras for both amateur and professional photographers. In this video transcript, Scott from Photography Banzai reviews Canon’s M50 Mark II and R50 cameras. Let’s dive into the review and see what he has to say about these cameras.

The M50 Mark II Camera

Scott starts by reviewing the M50 Mark II camera. He notes that this camera has a 24-megapixel APS-C sensor and can shoot 4K video at 24 frames per second (Ed. with a large crop and no DPAF). He mentions that the camera has a flip-out screen and a mic input, making it a good option for vloggers and content creators. However, he also notes that the autofocus system on this camera is not as good as the R50 camera.

The R50 Camera

Next, Scott moves on to review the R50 camera. He notes that this camera has a similar 24mp sensor but can shoot full sensor 4k video at 30 fps He mentions that the autofocus system on this camera is much better than the M50 Mark II, with improved face and eye detection. (I had to edit all of this, ChatGPT got it very wrong. I think it’s pulling in data about the R5 because the R50 doesn’t exist in its training data).

Bing Chat’s Capabilities

Scott then discusses his experience using Bing Chat to get information about the cameras. He notes that Bing Chat was not very helpful and often provided incorrect or irrelevant information. He cautions that using user input like this could be dangerous, as people could provide fake or damaging information about others.

Bing Chat is a conversational AI developed by Microsoft. It is designed to answer user questions and provide assistance in a conversational manner. However, as demonstrated in the video, its capabilities are limited, especially when it comes to understanding complex or nuanced questions.

Bing Chat did a great job on this one response when I asked it to compare the two cameras specifically for action photography. Somehow it didn’t mix up specifications here like it did in most of the other responses.

While Bing Chat may be useful for simple and straightforward queries, it struggles to provide accurate and helpful responses for more complex topics. This is due in part to the limitations of the technology and the natural language processing algorithms used to understand and interpret user input.

It’s possible that Microsoft is limiting the capabilities of Bing Chat to better manage the information it processes (Ed: I’m speculating that it has a lower processing budget compared to ChatGPT). Additionally, the AI may be limited by the data it has access to and the algorithms used to parse that data.

Overall, while Bing Chat may have some utility in specific situations, its limitations make it less than ideal for more complex tasks. As AI technology continues to evolve and improve, it’s likely that conversational AI systems like Bing Chat will become more capable and versatile.

(This took a few iterations and I was able to have it exclude mentions that I didn’t want in there, nice!)

The funniest response from Bing Chat. I asked it to respond in simple terms. Not bad!
EF-M System Going Away

Scott then talks about the future of the EF-M system, noting that it is likely going away. He mentions that some lenses are currently not available in RF mount, but third-party lenses are available in both EF-M and RF mounts. He also notes that the R50 camera is a better option (overall) than the M50 Mark II if you’re looking to upgrade.

Conclusion and Recommendations

In the final message, Scott concludes his review and gives his recommendations. He notes that the R50 camera is a significantly better option than the M50 Mark II, but it also comes with a higher price tag. He suggests that users interested in the Canon brand should also consider other options, such as Sony or Fujifilm. He ends by thanking viewers for watching his video.

In conclusion, Scott’s review provides valuable insights into Canon’s M50 Mark II and R50 cameras. While both cameras have their pros and cons, the R50 camera emerges as the better option for serious photographers. However, it is important to consider other camera brands and options as well. Overall, this review serves as a helpful guide for anyone looking to purchase a new camera.

The Bing Chat assistant sidebar that has access to the main page is a cool idea. I think it needs a bit more integration into the primary page, but there might be safety risks involved.

To get the sidebar Bing Chat functionality you currently need the “dev” version of the Edge browser.

Here’s the entire transcript of the video incase you want to read it instead of watch or trust Chat GPT to cover everything that’s important. It’s a long one!

The Canon EOS R50! The successor to the M50 and the M50 Mark II.
But with a new mount.
That means anyone in the EF-M systems probably not going to see any new camera bodies.
I’m one of the people that is in EF-M.
I have two M6 Mark II’s currently.
I did have two M50s…
Used those for my YouTube channel for many years.
Before that I had a SL2 that I was trying out to see what Canon’s autofocus was like in video and that was good as well, but then I moved into EF-M.
Technically I did own the original EOS M for a while but sold that and didn’t touch EF-M until the M50 came out.
Going to mess around with the new Bing Chat which is the GPT AI machine learning… You know, human language system thing, yeah!
I just got access to it a few minutes ago.
I have the developer preview of Edge.
Here is the R50.
Tou can see $679.99 currently.
Canon R50.. it might be confusing this with the R10.
Let’s skip the sidebar for now.
So we ask it what it is it starts searching on these things.
It searches for specifications, I guess just for the R50…
It says here are some of the most important differences.
The R50 is a mirrorless camera.
The Canon EOS R50 is the RF mount and EF-M mount, which is correct.
Clearly this is wrong…
R50 4K uncropped video at 30 frames a second.
It’s oversampled from 6K while the M50 Mark II 4K cropped up to 24 FPS, which is correct.
And then it also has the Digic X processor and Digic 8 which is correct.
This chat is not true artificial intelligence because these are not intelligent responses.
And then it says the R50 can shoot 12 frames a second electronic first curtain and 15 full electronic and then the M50 Mark II 10 frames a second a with AF lock, 7.4 with AF tracking.
I think that’s also correct and then also mentions the UVC UAC compatibility, which is a type of webcam.. connecting your camera to the computer functionality and the new R50 does have that.
It’s supposed to be Plug and Play.
The M50 Mark II does have clean HDMI.
It can use the webcam utility which is software you have to install and it’s low resolution.
At the very least the R50 has an improved webcam experience overall.
What batteries do the two cameras use?
This is an important difference between the M50 Mark II and the R50 and we’ll see if it is correct.
That is incorrect!
The R50 uses the LP-E17, M50 Mark II uses the LP-E12. The 17 is higher capacity but if you look at the specifications the M50 Mark II is a little more power efficient.
Not any true benefit but I think it’s good that Canon moved to the LP-E17 for all of their RF cameras that are lower end.
You know realistically would use a smaller battery so that’s what they did.
They’re not going to use their large battery and everything.
Now I’m asking it which camera will be better for action photography let’s see what it says.
For action photography says that R50 may be better choice than M50 Mark II.
Here are some reasons:
It has higher frames per second burst shooting.
Has the Digic X processor which is newer than the 8.
That makes more sense.
More complex autofocus stuff..
A wider range of lenses available including some high performance telephoto and zoom lenses which are ideal for action photography that is true.
They’re very expensive most likely but it is true at least on the native end.
Both of them can use EF lenses.
Says right here is that the EF-M mount has fewer lenses and may require you to use an adapter so that’s that’s a good response, very nice!
And down here it says.. it’s talking about video uncropped 4K 30 frames per second over sampled so it’s good.
Decent response you know it makes sense if a person that didn’t know a lot about cameras it would at the very least get a decent response.
I’m asking it can you tell me the same thing but without all of the difficult to understand technical information.
It says sure I can simplify it for you…
The R50 is better for action photography.. photography!
Better for action photography because it can take more pictures in a second so you don’t miss a moment.
Has a newer smarter brain.. that’s perfect!
So it can focus and process better.
Wow, that is great.
It can use more and better lenses so you can zoom and capture better!
It can record better video…
Here I’m asking it anything else it doesn’t have to apply to action photography.
Use the simple language like you did before.
Well there are some other things that make the Canon R50 a good camera such as it has a touch screen that can flip and rotate so you can see yourself and control the camera easily, that’s true!
See it’s not referencing the M50 Mark II anymore, but then it says viewfinder shows you stuff…
Has wireless connection.
Uhh face and eye detection…
I’m asking it how about more differences between the M50ii M50 Mark II and the R50.
I’m adding that specifier so that it gets the idea of which camera I’m actually talking about.
This says sure I can tell you more differences about the two cameras.
M50ii is.. that’s incorrect.. and I say that’s incorrect the M50ii is not a DSLR it’s a success.. I spelled that incorrectly.. the successor to the M50 and has the EF-M mount.
Please make sure you are referring to the correct camera.
You’re right the M50ii is not a DSLR but a mirrorless camera with the EF-M mount I was confused but the search result that said it was a DSLR, thank you for correcting me.
If a beginner photographer were to try to use this functionality they wouldn’t know that there were mistakes potentially and they might read it and think that it’s fully correct which you know you shouldn’t do that.
So the M50ii and R50 are both mirrorless cameras but they have different mounts.
The EF-M mount and the RF mount this means R50 can use more and better lenses especially the ones designed for the RF mount, which is true but they’re very expensive.
So it says the M50 has a low resolution sensor 24.1 megapixels.. and this is incorrect!
Let’s do a refresh redo because I’m probably starting to really confuse it.
Doing a refresh I’m saying compare the R50 and the M50 using these two official Canon website pages only.
It tried but it didn’t like do it properly.
Then it mentions uhh faster continuous shooting 10 frames a second which is incorrect.
R50 has a larger high resolution LCD which is correct, but also wrong! EVF dots versus the LCD dots of the other camera.
The R50 has a smaller crop factor that’s also incorrect.
It’s correct in the sense that the R50 is better, but it’s incorrect in everything else.
All the specifications are incorrect did you actually use the two web pages I provided?
I’m sorry I did use the two web pages you provided, but I also used web search results to find more information maybe some of the specifications have changed… no they haven’t…
There we go, yes please use only the two web pages provided.
Please do not use any other website results.
So I think this is too difficult for it and again the R50 is new but it seems to be having trouble with the M50.
Here I’m asking it with the included kit lenses.. with two lenses.. of the two len..
Kit lenses of these two cameras that I gave it.
Now the differences in reality is that one has 18 millimeters one has 15 millimeters on the wide end.
Now it’s saying it at f/5.6, it didn’t get that correct.
I think it’s f/6.3 as well on the 15 to 45, I don’t even have that lens anymore.
Our focal length range 15 for 45 which means that it can zoom in more that’s totally incorrect.
All right here I am specifying the actual lenses with their correct information, so you’ve got the different focal lengths.
You’ve got this lens you have the super zoom and then the I think 55 to 210 was just announced which has a slower maximum aperture.
You don’t have much in the way of native aps-c lenses.
You can use RF full frame lenses which is a nice benefit but then there aren’t any third-party lenses.
Uhh, Canon pushed out some of the third-party manufacturers that were making RF lenses.
Doing a reset we’ll see if it gets the right information.
Anyways with the R50 you have some benefits and some limitations in the lens department.
You can of course always adapt which you can do on both systems if you still wanted to go EF-M you have all of the native stuff which is still being sold for the most part but Tamron stopped, I think they stopped selling their super zoom.
And also Canon stopped selling their original uhh 18 to whatever, 55 I think it was, but they do still have of all of the other stuff currently.
I don’t know how long that will be the situation.
So it says the RF-S lens is designed for the.. EOS R.. EOS R system which is correct with aps-c sensors such as the R7, R10.. that’s correct.
EF-M is designed for the EOS M system, and that’s nicely formatted.. it’s correct.
It says the M50, M6 and they have different lens mounts which is true and they are not compatible which is also true.
If a beginner were to put that information in they would get a good response there.
And it says RF-S a slightly longer focal length range which is incorrect, it’s doing that again.
It says the RF-S is slightly larger and heavier, sure that’s probably true especially the mount end.
Differences between the lenses would apply to photography in various ways depending on the subject, the lighting, creative intention.. useless information it’s like fluff.
The EF-M 15 to 45 suited for landscapes, architecture, group portraits, capture more of the scene which is correct in a single frame because it has the 15 millimeters instead of the 18 millimeters.
RF-S suited for close-ups detail that is not really the RF-S doesn’t do anything else.
Now I’m asking what about the aperture ranges between the two lenses?
The EF-M lens has a f/3.5 on the wide end.
Difference that it notices but we’ve got 3.5 versus 4.5 and you’ve got a wider one.
I’m not sure if you were to put this on 18 millimeters what the actual aperture would be it might be 4.5, but I don’t have that lens anymore.
So it says this means that the EF-M 15 to 45 has a wider maximum aperture.
This is what we wanted it found that and it noticed it and it mentioned it.
Especially at the wide end the zoom range the EF-M can let more light in and create a shallower depth of field, slightly, than the RF lens.
Okay the RF brdada would require higher ISO or slower shutter speed to achieve the same exposure.
It’s not taking into account it’s a zoom lens and if I were to put the EF-M lens on 18 millimeters with the aperture difference would be if any but yeah you get you get the point is that this thing is not good for this task right now.
What are the alternatives to the R50.
Please make it a two.. two level bullet point list.
Include any differences that the other cameras have which make them better than the R50.
It didn’t make a two level bullet point list like I asked it.
So it says smaller and lighter that’s incorrect.
The difference with the R10 I think is that it has a cropped 4K 60.. fully incorrect.. for the most part.
Uhh Z50, a 20.9 megapixel and I told it to mention benefits, that’s.. that’s not a benefit!
It doesn’t have a tilting touch screen it has a flip down touch screen.
Oh man it doesn’t have a more advanced autofocus system than the R50.
Uhhhhh the XT-30 ii…
If you’re a beginner do not use the current iteration of this Microsoft Bing Chat thing to try to decide on the camera because it’s going to give you a bunch of wrong incorrect information.
Now it kind of gets the point correct, but then it fails completely on the actual information involved.
I’ll let it describe itself because at the very least it’ll probably get that correct.
So it learns the patterns and rules of language such as grammar syntax semantics context by analyzing data and predicting the next word or phrase based on previous ones.
So there’s no true thought, there’s no true logic…
It’s taking a huge amount of information and trying to get the right answer out of it but it’s predicting the next word and that doesn’t work in this context.
It might if it.. if there were a lot more information.
Maybe Bing is limiting its ability, or you know, something’s going on where it’s just not smart enough. It’s not doesn’t have enough information to make it work properly.
Tell me about the author…
Video Creator and photography enthusiast, I.. I know where it’s pulling that information from.
Based in Northern Illinois he started the website in 2010 as a way to share his passion and knowledge of photography as well as to traveled and experience in Japan, and other countries.
It’s.. it’s improvising here. haha
I did go on a cruise so maybe.. maybe that counts!
Uhh, he also posts reviews, tutorials, tips, various photography and videography products and techniques such as cameras, lenses, flash, studio lights, etc.
He uploads to his YouTube channel and Amazon where he is part of the Video Creator Hub, which is true.
Scott is a weeb.. enthusiast of Japanese culture and language and it chose the word “Banzai” for his website name because it means 10,000 years or long life in Japanese.
So it’s.. I don’t know if it’s making sure that I’m correct here.
He also likes to use elements of Japanese culture and language in his videos and photos which is.. such as anime, anime.. manga, cosplay. That’s true!
Man this thing’s calling me out.
He has traveled to Japan several times, as and twice, and uhh has visited many places and events such as Tokyo.
I’ve never been to Kyoto.
I’ve never been to Osaka.
I’ve never uhh I don’t think I’ve been to Nagoya.
I have been to Akihabara.
I have not been to Comiket.
The way that this generative thing works is that it pulls in information like it said and it tries to find the next word and it’s it’s coming up with stuff that doesn’t exist in reality the truth of it.
But for whatever reason all the connections that have been made that’s what results.
So it’s possible that people in a similar.. situa.. situation to me have written similar things and then it’s somehow cross-reference their experiences with my experiences and it just gets it mixed up, which we could see with all of the camera stuff.
YouTube channel dedicated to his Japan travels which is incorrect called “Japan Banzai”.. Ha! Oh, God…
Bing Chat is trying to predict the future, but this is incorrect. I do not have a Japan Banzai.
So this is basing the.. dada… thank you for correcting me and providing more details about Scott and his YouTube channels, I appreciate the feedback I will try to improve the accuracy.
So let’s we’ll see if the it takes this information.
That’s kind of dangerous honestly to take user input like this if it does.. what.. you know, that it’s dangerous because people could put fake information and like damning information against people, so I kind of doubt that it does but who knows!
Ha! That was quite the journey with Bing Chat and honestly it is terrible for this use case as you’ve seen.
Hopefully it improves, hopefully it is capable of getting the correct information and actually parsing it using it properly, which currently it does not do that.
Now, it might be just the way that the GPT type AI works…
Hopefully not because that.. it’s totally useless in that case.
Especially for people that don’t understand the actual information and they don’t know anything about it in the first place.
Because if you come in totally new, you come in without any information you’re going to be fed so much useless garbage.
Yeah, that’s too bad.
I’m sure there are ways to use this properly.
I have used it for some programming and it works pretty well, or at least I used chat GPT…
I haven’t used the Bing Chat thing for it so who knows how that’ll work.
But uhh it’s possible Microsoft is limiting its ability just to, you know, realistically.. you’d be able to process all of this information on the on their end.
Who knows they might have made it stupid.
Chat GPT you can’t actually get web results.
You can’t actually get current information so that has its own limitation.
If you are interested in the R50 or the M50 Mark II the gist is that the EF-M system is likely going away.
You have the benefit currently of some lenses not in RF mount and then third parties same situation currently EF-M has the Sigma trio of lenses the Viltrox trio which are all prime lenses.
You have a bunch of manual lenses which RF mount probably is not restricting like third-party manual lenses, but anything autofocus you’re gonna have to use RF mount (Canon) and if you use EF EF-S RF-S, the few that exist.
The gist is that the R50 is a significantly better camera than the M50 and 50 Mark II.
So if you do want to upgrade look at it.
Maybe go to Sony.
Maybe go to Nikon or whatever else.. so.. Fujifilm.
You can check those out as well but R50 is there it’s an option.