Thank you for considering the e-mail list! You will need to confirm your address by clicking the link in the first email that is sent. This helps me abide by newsletter rules in Europe. Be sure to check your spam folder because this website hosting is on a shared server. Adding to a pre-approved list in your email settings would work too.

Right now I’m going to use the list for important messages. I tried out making monthly newsletters, but it’s a large time investment that would come out of time I use to make videos. If the list expands a lot then things could change.

As an added bonus after sign-up, you will get a link to download three e-books I had written years back (they will be in e-pub format). See information on them through these Amazon links: Photographing Arizona, Convention Photography, and Creator Sky.

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  • In the future it is possible that additional information may be collected, but a message stating any changes will be sent out to all e-mail addresses subscribed to the list.


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