So you are probably asking what on earth does “banzai” mean?

It’s a word in the Japanese language. As I am quite the fan of their culture and have traveled there… I also like using elements of their culture and language in things that I do.

Here is a standard definition of the word banzai:

(int,n) (1) crying “banzai” (or raising one’s hands in the banzai gesture); (2) something worthy of celebration; (3) ( only) giving up; (4) (arch) long time; (5) (arch) eternal life (and prosperity); (int) (6) banzai (a celebratory cheer); hurrah (hooray, hurray); (P)

So you can interpret the site’s name as something like “hurrah for photography,” “photography is eternal,” “let’s celebrate photography,” or similar concepts!

As for the blog itself, I felt it was time to start yet another blog.  This time I’ve decided that discussing my passion of photography is the perfect subject to keep interest high.  In the past I had quite few websites related to photography, but none of them exist in a form that I can use for writing such as I plan to.

Who am I?  A guy who has a degree in computer science.  A guy who has been interested in photography since 2002.  My first serious foray into photography was in the wonderful land of Anime convention cosplay photography, but I started with nature mostly.  The interest grew into all forms of the art and is currently a good part of my life.

So in this blog I plan on linking all of my opinion that I write on photography forums as well as anything I do related to photography such as my photos, general talk, and news I read about.

A big part of my work related to Photography Banzai is now in video.