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A look at RawTherapee

Check it out on their website: In the embedded video I’m taking a look at the most recent version of RawTherapee. It’s open source software capable of managing and editing photos with a focus on RAW formatted images. They’ve added a few interesting features such as the spot removal tool and the local adjustments […]

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Data backup is the big cost of photo and video work…

I’m down to around 800GB on my two main 10 TB external hard drives besides all of the other miscellaneous drives I’ve collected over the years. That’s a combination of photos and video projects I’ve saved over the years. For the two large drives, I mirror the data by hand. It’s fine, but I want […]

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Editing Tip: Using a game controller to review and cull photos.

In this video I go over using a PS4 DualShock controller when reviewing and culling photos. It’s an ergonomic and quick way to go over large numbers of photos in your initial review process. In my case I use Adobe Bridge CS5, which has limited support for keyboard shortcuts. Get a Sony DualShock 4 Wireless […]