General Versus

Digicam vs. Phone vs. Camera IRL, does it really matter?

I did photography with the Canon PowerShot ELPH 180, Canon EOS M50 plus 15-45mm kit lens, and a Moto G Stylus 5G smartphone at my local Japanese garden to see what differences there are in a real world situation. Does the camera really matter that much if you are posting pictures to a social media […]

Canon Equipment Related General Video

Canon USA Refurbished & Repair Process

I purchased a refurbished Canon EOS M6 Mark II back in early August 2022 after selling equipment to KEH (side note, I’m trying to go back through my earlier videos and create at least a simple website article about each. One of which will be about the KEH selling process) Here’s how buying the camera […]

Editing And Software General

A look at RawTherapee

Check it out on their website: In the embedded video I’m taking a look at the most recent version of RawTherapee. It’s open source software capable of managing and editing photos with a focus on RAW formatted images. They’ve added a few interesting features such as the spot removal tool and the local adjustments […]