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  • Canon 22mm f/2 vs. Viltrox 23mm f/1.4
    Continuing my series of comparing native Canon EF-M (EOS M) lenses, this time it’s the Canon 22mm f/2 versus the Viltrox 23mm f/1.4 lens. There […]
  • DPReview questioned Canon about EF-M
    DPReview talked with Go Tokura (Chief Executive of Canon). The vast majority of the interview was about RF, but I do think there were a […]
  • EF-M Sigma 56mm vs. Viltrox 56mm
    I was curious how the two native Canon EF-M 56mm f/1.4 lenses compared. Is one better in image quality or features than the other? At […]
  • Direction for Canon EF-M after 2021?
    Today I’m talking about a possible direction for the Canon EF-M system. While I had the original EOS M camera, I eventually sold that and […]
  • That was awkward…
    Note to self, don’t agree to be an “extra” for a person’s video job that you barely know. The training video extra might turn out […]
  • I bought a Nikon Z5
    Since starting my photography Youtube channel in January 2011, I have used various brands of equipment. The main camera kits were Pentax, Nikon F, and […]
  • 10 Years on YouTube!
    It’s officially the Photography Banzai YouTube channel’s birthday. 10 years old… The first time I remember using YouTube was back in Nagasaki Japan in 2006. […]
  • EF-M 23mm & 33mm f/1.4 Viltrox Autofocus Lenses
    Viltrox sent me the EF-M 23mm f/1.4 and 33mm f/1.4 (aka. the Canon EOS M system) lenses to make a video on. I will be […]
  • Q&A: More about my photographer journey…
    A friend is writing up an English composition paper about photographers. She wanted people to answer a list of questions related to that. I decided […]
  • Weeylite ninja 400 Studio Light
    Weeylite, a division of Viltrox, sent me this bi-color constant LED light to check out and make a video on. I’ll be talking about it […]
  • Endurax V6 Camera Backpack
    In the attached video, I visit my city’s downtown area to try out this camera backpack from Endurax called the ED-V6. I take a detailed […]
  • Canon EF-M Lens Firmware
    I have a pair of 15-45mm kit lenses. One came from a used Canon EOS M5 that I bought on eBay. The other came with […]
  • Sony A7s III is True Kaizen
    Kaizen (改善) means improvement, or rather continuously improving something incrementally. The third camera in the A7s series was just announced after nearly 5 years since […]
  • The Nikon Z5 Should Have Been First…
    Nikon announced the Z5, or as they call it the “Z 5”. At face value it’s a lower-end version of the Z6, but I don’t […]
  • Canon M5 & M50 Successor Speculation
    Expecting anything from the Canon EF-M system is an exercise in futility, but my job is talking cameras and it’s fun to speculate on if […]
  • 11 Tips To Being An Efficient Creative
    While waiting for my car to be worked on, I recorded a video talking about trying to stay productive doing creative work. I go over […]
  • The Andycine R1 RGB Light
    I had a generally positive experience with the Boling P1 light Andycine sent me previously, so when they contacted me about trying their completely in-house […]
  • The Canon R6 Could Be Big…
    On 7/9/2020 the Canon EOS R5 and R6 were announced. While the R5 looks really impressive, it’s the R6 that I want to talk about […]
  • Digital Background with a Monitor
    Using a computer screen or TV as a backdrop is a fun way to spice up your indoor photography and videography work. In that video […]
  • Data backup is the big cost of photo and video work…
    I’m down to around 800GB on my two main 10 TB external hard drives besides all of the other miscellaneous drives I’ve collected over the […]