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Case Logic DBC302 Overview

I found this little camera bag from Case Logic at a local store on discount so it seemed like it would be worth making an overview video on. I could see it being a decent little pack for small digicams and actions cameras. Especially if you are using a larger backpack without padding. You can use this as an added layer of protection.

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It seems like this pack was designed in the era of old compact digicams. They are not nearly as popular these days but I can see various types of other gear that would fit.

It works well with small digicams like this old Canon PowerShot Digital ELPH S200.

I’d say it’s a good option for most action cameras. With the GoPro 9 and max lens mod attached it was difficult to zip up the compartment, but it works well when that isn’t attached. The secondary compartment can fit one or two average sized camera batteries and a few memory cards.

This combination barely fits. You can take the max lens off and it will fit better. Both the mod with its cover and the GoPro itself fit fine horizontally in the compartment but then you’d have to bring the other lens cover and swap them as needed.

The strap connector is all plastic. I would not trust that with an expensive camera like the Sony RX100 series, assuming they would fit. Alternatively there is a securely attached loop strap on the back so you could attach this to various other bags or a belt.

The back of the bag.

Overall, a decent little camera pack though size drastically limits what you can fit in the main compartment.

Here’s the full transcript from the related video:

The Case Logic DCB 302.
Very small camera pack, whatever you want to call it!
Is there any important information on here? Not really…
Has two zipper compartments, a bit of orange.
The rubber surrounding the zipper is super flexible.
Let’s check out the first one.
Inside here a little slot for memory cards probably fit a battery in there pretty easily.
Here’s a LP-E17 from Canon.
Two LP-E17s… that works out!
You could easily fit quite a few memory cards in this little slot.
Strap is plastic and this Loop here is also plastic honestly I would not trust this thing with a decently expensive camera inside there.
There isn’t a ton of room for a camera.
I have this old Canon PowerShot S200 Digital ELPH.
Something like that works perfectly in here.
Also a GoPro, I do have the max lens mod on here which makes it not fit amazingly well.
It does work…
I can see this being a good pack for action cameras.
Another option is a very compact lens.
Put it in there for a little bit of added protection.
So height is going to be a definite issue with this bag.
Overall a neat little pack.
It’s going to be very situational depending on if your stuff will fit or not.
You can put anything, it doesn’t have to be a camera just needs to be small enough to work with something like this.
Build quality seems fine to me.
Yeah, I like it! It’s pretty cool.
That was a look at the Case Logic DCB302 in black.