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c2e2 2023 Photos & Other Talk

Thanks to the motivation and transportation from a local friend, I was able to attend the c2e2 convention on that Saturday for 2023. Day trips are pretty viable and at least for that convention it’s the only way I’ve experienced it (2011 and 2018 articles on this website)

Here’s the Facebook image gallery.

I’ve been trying to think of options to host cosplay photos on other sites besides Facebook. I would be nice if there were backups online so if FB has issues my cosplay photo work would still be available. A while back I cleared my Zenfolio connection on Facebook and it ended up deleting a bunch of photosets. So at the very least I need to re-process and upload those.

With the passing of Kevin Lillard I have definitely been thinking about making sure my cosplay photo work is as accessible as possible. The problem is time and indirectly the cost involved.

Anyways, eventually I should be making a c2e2 video from the GoPro footage I recorded at the event, but that will take a while to get to it in my project queue.

I’m also throwing around the idea of making a more cosplay focused video from the footage, but not sure what type of video I could make. GoPro recordings are not exactly the highest quality. I have quite a few projects with similar video that don’t get much use from the photography focused video. It would be nice to do something else with it. Maybe simple walking around the conventions rather than cosplay focused…