So you are probably asking what on earth does “banzai” mean?

It’s a word in the Japanese language. As I am quite the fan of their culture and have traveled there… I also like using elements of their culture and language in things that I do.

Here is a standard definition of the word banzai:

(int,n) (1) crying “banzai” (or raising one’s hands in the banzai gesture); (2) something worthy of celebration; (3) ( only) giving up; (4) (arch) long time; (5) (arch) eternal life (and prosperity); (int) (6) banzai (a celebratory cheer); hurrah (hooray, hurray); (P)

So you can interpret the site’s name as something like “hurrah for photography,” “photography is eternal,” “let’s celebrate photography,” or similar concepts!

me--dual-camera As for the blog itself, I felt it was time to start yet another blog.  This time I’ve decided that discussing my passion of photography is the perfect subject to keep interest high.  In the past I had quite few websites related to photography, but none of them exist in a form that I can use for writing such as I plan to.

Who am I?  A guy who has a degree in computer science.  A guy who has been interested in photography since 2002.  My first serious foray into photography was in the wonderful land of Anime convention cosplay photography, but I started with nature mostly.  The interest grew into all forms of the art and is currently a good part of my life.

So in this blog I plan on linking all of my opinion that I write on photography forums as well as anything I do related to photography such as my photos, general talk, and news I read about.

Update 7/2017: I’ve been using a mixture of Nikon DSLRs and Fujifilm fixed lens cameras.
Update 11/2012: I’ve moved to Nikon DSLR equipment due to the desire for a true 35mm full-frame camera.

The majority of my photography is done with a Digital SLR camera.  More specifically, multiple Pentax DSLR cameras.

Here is an old forum posting I made in 2005 about my first DSLR:

I’ve been reading about dslr cameras for a while and decided on the *ist DS. My main reasons for choosing the DS over the others were the viewfinder, overall look, large lens selection, that it takes standard batteries (already had a few sets of nimh), and the price I got it for ($650 with kit lens).

I got the camera today and I like it. I was surprised at how heavy it was. Well, maybe because my latest camera was a Fuji S5100 (prosumer digicam)… I like the overall size of the camera, which is not too large or small. I usually wear glasses, but the viewfinder still seems to look pretty good. I like the fact that it has solid access panels rather than rubber ones some cameras have.

Things I’m not too fond of:
The camera’s plastic and grip material feel too “hard.”

The grip is my least liked aspect of the camera. It doesn’t seem to fit my hand too well. When I hold the camera with one hand the grip edge starts to push into the top most joint of my middle finger. So I kind of wish the grip was a little softer, rounder, or larger. I’m 6′ tall so my hands must be somewhat longer than the camera was designed for.

The camera will be going back the country of origin in 4 months as I plan on studying abroad in Nagasaki Japan for a semester.

I sold that camera to a friend in early 2011.  It is still completely functional and should provide him many years of faithful service.   As of the start of this blog, I am using a Pentax K-7 (now with a K-5), so a lot of what I write will have a Pentax spin to it for better or worse.

Photo of me by KingsCosplay


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