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Panasonic S5ii PDAF

See more information about the camera through my affiliate B&H or Adorama’s related article.

I’ve put together a hybrid kit for the camera as well.

The Panasonic Lumix S5 II (and S5 II X) were announced today. It’s basically the original but with a phase detect sensor and a few extras.

The Panasonic S5 II looks solid! For solo videographers I think this system is going to get even more appealing. The only major negative I’ve seen so far as mentioned by DPReview TV is that the sensor read-out on this model is a bit slow (which means rolling shutter).

If you are interested in more specifications and pointing out important details, check out DSLR Video Shooter’s overview. He does a side-by-side autofocus test with the Sony A7IV and talks about aspects like the dual UHS-II SD card slots. Also a mention of the info display with HDMI where the camera’s LCD won’t get the information.

Besides the improvement in SD card specifications, it has a full sized HDMI port which is always good compared to the original’s micro type.

I see this opening up Panasonic to video creators that don’t have access to a crew. Though, with some caveats these various YouTubers have shown in autofocus for the moment. Potato Jet had shown issues with it switching focus from the face to hands when not desired.

4k 60 fps has a large crop, so if you are interested in that specific video format you might want to hold off.

Gerald has a ton of additional details in his video. The 5.9k and 6k modes in 30p have a 30 minute cap unless you disable the temperature limiter setting.

He also pointed out the camera is weather resistant yet has cleverly placed intake and outtake vents for a fan. In addition to changing the strap lugs from nubs (plus triangles) to slots which I much prefer!

Camera lugs!

He mentions losing subject detection features at 5.9k and higher video modes. A cool feature is that you can record externally with something like and Atomos Ninja V+ while recording internally to both SD cards slots for a triple backup! That’s a great feature.

Some cameras I’ve used definitely have limitations in that regard like no internal recording while doing clean HDMI output. My M6 Mark II for example, but not my Z5 although that camera can only record video to one card slot at a time.

Not that I’m able to switch my equipment any time soon, but this is starting to turn Panasonic into a strong option for people, like myself, who have a focus on video yet still do a lot of photography as well. I like that the L-mount has Sigma as a official member so that means if you love Sigma glass then you will likely have the best experience possible with their lenses on L-mount compared to anything else.

The L-mount still feels early with the amount and range of lens options. Hopefully they improve that situation soon.

Again, I’ve put together a hybrid kit for the camera with what I see currently available. That would be a nice, yet pretty expensive, way to get started!