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RedBull Battlegrounds Detroit 2014

Two friends and I recently attended a gaming tournament that centered around the game StarCraft II. We were only able to attend that Saturday and Sunday, driving all the way from Illinois. StarCraft II is a real-time strategy game that is popular in the professional gaming scene. This is the first gaming tournament I’ve been to and I feel it was worth the trip to try something new and just … Continue reading

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Anime Central 2014 Photos (ACEN)

I was able to attend Anime Central on the 16th and 17th. Most of my time spent was with private photo sessions, but I did take some hallway cosplay photos when I had free time. General Gallery Lolita Fashion Show Gallery Photo Session Favorites Gallery Facebook General Gallery Facebook Lolita Fashion Show Gallery Facebook Photo Session Favorites Gallery Gallery Site General Gallery Site Lolita Fashion Show Gallery Site Photo Session … Continue reading

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Anime Milwaukee 2014 Photos

I was around Anime Milwaukee on Saturday the 15th for a few hours. I didn’t have plans to attend, but on a whim, I was able to attend with a few friends that had planned on going. Check out the photos below. Main gallery page Facebook gallery (Tagging is possible after you “like” the page) As for equipment, I used the D600 and 50mm f1.8 lens exclusively. I had brought … Continue reading

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ACEN 2013 Photos

I attended Anime Central 2013. A few hours on Friday, all of Saturday, and Sunday until around 2pm. Here are my general “hallway” cosplay photos. Facebook gallery (tag-able) If you know me and I took a photo of you, you will probably in the other gallery. My motivation level for taking photos of random cosplay was pretty low, so I only ended up with a few hundred photos. You can … Continue reading

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