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Ramencon 2012 Photos

I went to a convention in Indiana called Ramencon. You can see more about it on their website. I was planning on staying two nights, but decided to check out on Saturday morning instead. I was still able to get a good deal of images on Saturday afternoon, which was nice. Here are my photos from the event (various ways to view them): Right here on PhotographyBanzai.com: General Photos Lollipop … Continue reading

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Anime World Chicago 2012 Interviews

I edited and uploaded the video that Mixed Visuals and I collaborated on for Anime World Chicago 2012. This video consists of 13 interviews with mostly cosplayers, but there are a few extras in there. The video will be cross posted on both Youtube channels and I plan on writing unique articles for each site (this site for the technical, and the other for a convention focus). You can see … Continue reading

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Anime World Chicago 2012 photos

I attended Anime World Chicago on Saturday August 4th. Highlight photos: This time I was partly collaborating with a friend on content for our new site cvfta.blogspot.com. I was juggling various things, so I didn’t put in as much time into photography as I normally would. For this convention my equipment was: Pentax K-01 with the 10-17mm Fisheye lens for video and a few stills. Pentax K-5 with the 24mm … Continue reading

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Anime Midwest 2012 Photos

I went to Anime Midwest on Saturday to take photos and enjoy the convention. I was asked to take photos at the Pillowcases concert as well as the Masquerade, so that took some time from general hallway cosplay, but was a fun diversion. Overall, I’m pretty happy with the resulting photographs. Enjoy! I also have my photos exported to my Photography Banzai Facebook page if you want to tag yourself: … Continue reading

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2012 Chicago Botanic Garden Cosplay Photo Set

I promoted this on my other outlets such as Twitter and Facebook, but I thought it would be nice to make an article as well. I’ll go into technical details after the highlight photos. Some highlights of the event: Situation: – We were there from around noon to 7pm. The beginning hours had a lot of strong harsh light we had to deal with, but it worked out alright. – … Continue reading

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Anime Midwest 2011 Photos

This weekend a friend and I went to a first-run convention called “Anime Midwest.” It’s one of many small conventions that a group of people have been running around this area for the last few months. It has a very different feel than something like Anime Central (23,000 guests this year). With anime convention, more is better in my book. Some highlight images: On Friday and Saturday I was using … Continue reading

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ACEN (Anime Central) 2011: Saturday Day 2 Photos

Saturday was probably the biggest day photography wise. A lot of random cosplay photos in the halls as well as the masquerade and fashion show. A few highlight images: Cosplay at Anime conventions encompasses more than just things from Japan. An excellent Master Chief cosplay: I believe this person and a few others were a walking advertisement for a Renaissance fair. Very excellent makeup work and how they never broke … Continue reading

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ACEN (Anime Central) 2011: Friday Day 1 Photos

I’m back from the 3-day Anime convention in Rosemont Illinois. Started processing photos, but it is slow work. I tweak every image by hand in Adobe camera raw and sometimes make a few modifications once the image is opened up in Photoshop. A a few highlight photos from Friday (day 1): As you can see, I forced myself to use the flash in some situations. The Sigma did well considering … Continue reading

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