Photography Practice and Testing Urban

On the riverbank. (Chinon 55mm f1.7)

After doing some testing with the Chinon 55mm f1.7 I was really wanting to take the lens out. So after a meeting today I took the lens and the K-7 out for a stroll at one of the local parks near the Rock River. I’m pretty enthusiastic about the results considering I probably paid a pretty small amount for the lens quite a few years ago. Considering it’s an M42 without any data connection to the camera body, it’s extremely easy to use out in the field.

My setting overall:
Highlight correction on and shadow correction +2 on.
User mode set to (P)rogram, I have the camera control the shutter speed and ISO while I handle the aperture.
Switched primarily between f1.7 and f5.6 throughout the walk. The aperture setting f1.7 is surprisingly sharp and contrast-y.

Here are a few of the photographs (full set on Flickr. Smugmug Flickr free accounts are now limited to 1000 photos, so these might not be available.):


I love the amount of 3D depth produced in this image.

“All reflecting”

Having highlight/shadow correction setting on the K-7 on is excellent in recording water reflection. At this point I’m not sure which setting is the major contributor as I tend to use them together.


I like the qualities of this lenses background blur (bokeh). Although, I’ll admit it could be better if it had rounded aperture blades.


Using the manual focus ring with this lens is a dream compared to the new-fangled lenses with short focus ring travel. Seeing as manual focus is the only option, that’s a good thing!