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Pentax DA 35mm f2.4 is full frame!

I noticed at PentaxForums that the member Frank posted images taken with the new DA-L 35mm f2.4 lens. This confirms that the lens is capable at full-frame sensor size!

Here is the stock image of the lens:

So my question to pentax is this…
Why wasn’t this lens released as a two version lens?
DA-L 35mm f2.4 as it is currently.
– All plastic including the mount
– no quick shift
– no weather resistance

D-FA 35mm f2.4 WR
– Quick shift focus
– Metal casing and lens mount
– Weather seals
– Rounded aperture blades if it doesn’t already have them.

I would buy a D-FA 35mm f2.4 WR the moment it was released as long as it wasn’t outrageously priced. The current lens on the other hand, while cost effective, is missing key Pentax features.