Animals Photography

Feral Cat Expressions

We have had feral cats around for a few years. It’s a tough life they lead, but the alternative in captivity is most likely a quick “humane” end. As some of them are quite friendly, I take photos of them occasionally.

A few highlights:

“Little tiger face.”

This was the first time I saw this cat. She must have been another “concubine” of the leader. We had found a home for a cat that looked just like her, so she must be related in some way. Her eating expressions were funny as I tossed her pieces of dry cat food.

“Leader for three generations.”

One minute he is nice, the other he scampers away. His feral nature is strong.

“Baby cat portraiture.”

The dominate male needs to be fixed. This is the result of not doing anything, however we have a lead on homes for the four of them.

“LOL cats”

This photo reminds me of the “lolcat meme” internet photos.