Accessory Review: Lowepro DMC-Z Memory Card Wallet

If you’ve had digital cameras for a while, you probably have quite a collection of memory cards. As I upgrade cameras I also buy a few memory cards to deal with the increased file sizes. What better way to keep track of and use all of my old cards than to buy a memory card wallet. Probably a good half a year ago I bought a Lowepro DMC-Z to get my cards organized. Before that I was frequently losing cards and fumbling around with the plastic containers they usually come with.

Capacity: up to 6 memory cards, PC card or 4 AA batteries
Size(Interior): 2.6W X 0.4D X 4.9H in. / 6.5 X 1 X 12.5 cm
Size(Exterior): 3.3W X 0.8D X 5.5H in. / 8.3 X 2 X 14 cm
Outer fabric: water-resistant Neoprene
Weight: 0.15lbs/0.07kg

Lowepro product page:
Product page

Features and information:
To start things off, the “up to 6 memory cards” must be for larger cards like compact flash, as I can fit at least two SD cards into each memory card slot. Right now I have 14 cards in the wallet and can probably put a few more. Material quality is good for a $11 retail product. The exterior is neoprene, so it should hold up to the weather and might even provide some buoyancy (have not tested this myself). On the back there is a belt strap that has a piece of strong Velcro holding one end to the wallet with the other sewn on. Inside, the memory card slots are a clear material with reinforcing thread. The back interior pocket is a weaved netting with an elastic top that is big enough to hold larger items. The zipper is smooth and solid.

What I like about this accessory:
– A compact and convenient accessory.
– Quality construction.
– Helps me keep my cards organized and in one place.
– Cheap and was available locally.

What I’m not too fond of:
– SD Memory cards are a little difficult to get out of the slots.
– If I only have one SD card in a slot, it is more likely to fall out if I tip the wallet upside down.

Considering the cost and convenience, there really isn’t a reason not to like this little memory card wallet. It looks like it was designed with compact flash cards in mind, but it works just fine with SD cards as well.