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Otakon 2011 Photos Completed

I finished up processing of Sunday photos last night. The only other thing I might do is to see if I can piece together a video from all of the clips I took at Otakon, but that’s to be determined if I have enough decent content to use.

Probably my biggest convention yet photo count wise. I think that’s due to having Thursday and a full Friday to work with.

Overall, Otakon was a fun convention experience. The layout is easy to manage from a walking standpoint and there is a large amount of cosplay to be seen everywhere. I hope you east coasters liked the photos because the chance I’ll be attending Otakon again is pretty slim. Instead of driving and a hotel 3 miles from the convention, I’d have to fly and get a room right near the convention center to make it manageable (eg. too expensive for me currently…). It was nice seeing thousands of convention goers I had never seen before and of course I can’t forget enjoying the $1 ice cold water to be had outside the convention center. 🙂