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Chicago Wizard World Comic Con 2011 Photos

I attended the Chicago Comic Con on Sunday. There really wasn’t much cosplay, but I managed to get a few photos. If I attend this event next year, I plan on going on Saturday because that should have more costumers and such to document. There are various well knows actors and actresses that attend so that they can interface with fans. You can see more information on their site here.

A few highlight photos:

There were not too many photos, so I tried to put a little extra effort into post-processing of each. The main technique I used in the convention center was to aim the flash toward the ground instead of directly at the cosplayer or up into nothingness of the tall celling. The negative with that is when I was too close, there was a noticeable difference in brightness of their lower body compared to their face. I easily fixed that with the “graduated filter” tool in Adobe Camera Raw. Let’s see… besides that… The camera I was using was the K-7 with 31mm lens and Sigma flash. I did take a limited few photos with a 10-17mm fisheye lens, but my main reason to bring that was for video. I didn’t take that much video, so I’ll have to see if I have enough for something.