Pentax Hoya is now Pentax Ricoh (Imaging)

It’s official.

The assets of Pentax, both in Japan and the 9 subsidiaries, are transfered to Ricoh on October 1st.

No real useful information for users of Pentax, but a few interesting bits of information to mention.

Pentax consists of around 1900 employees. So all of our neat photography tools come from the efforts of 1900 people.

Manufacture and sales of optical equipment such as digital cameras, binoculars and lenses for security cameras

Lenses for security cameras… I bet the c-mount lenses Pentax makes have seen an increase in sales since mirrorless-ILC cameras started showing up. If I had a Q, I’d try some out for sure. The ones on B&H have the occasional review from a m4/3 user.

By forming the new company, Ricoh will strive to further bolster consumer products and services, in addition to its existing digital camera business.

So we should be seeing new tools and improvements to the existing lines such as K, Q, and 645.