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Youtube channel past 20,000 views.

My Youtube channel started in January 29 just went past 20,000 total views from 45 videos. It isn’t much compared to some channels I’ve seen on there, but it’s a decent start! That’s around 2000 views per month.

Most of the videos are basic photography product overviews, but I also have a few convention videos that I compile from clips I take.

I’m looking forward to making more videos. Every one I make, I try to improve the quality. My most recent videos have an intro sequence and sound using an external microphone instead of the one in the camera. I really want to make improved convention videos, but that of course means going to more conventions and specifically focusing more on getting quality footage.

The most popular video is one about the Yongnuo YN-460-II flash units I have. Looks like it was linked in a forum or something.