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Pentax Parody Commercial in Japanese

I made a parody TV advertisement commercial for Pentax DSLR cameras. Why? I thought up the idea a few days ago and though it would be fun to make.

Titled: “PENTAX CM もじり ペンタックス・コマーシャル”

Check it out on Youtube (watch it in 720p):

冗談、けどPENTAXは素敵なカメラ物ですね。 www

This is a parody video “CM” commercial with Pentax as the subject. My initial idea was a lot more involved, but this idea came after and was a lot more manageable yet accomplished the same thing for the most part.

Text and voice from the video:
Pentax system: ペンタックスシステム
Digital SLR: デジタル一眼レフ
prime lens: 首相レンズ (wrong Japanese)
Transforming system: 変換システム
Weather resistant: 耐候性システム
Rugged system: 堅牢なシステム
Shake resistant: 抵抗性の振る
Wonderful system: 素晴らしいシステム
Small system: 小さいシステム
Special system: 特殊なシステム
Historic system: 歴史的なシステム
Portable system: ポータブルシステム
Convenient system: 便利なシステム
Cosplay: コスプレ

All of the video and sound was made by me.

– Video source: Pentax K-7 and K-5, intentionally blown out in post processing to make the background less noticeable.
– Voice: mine
– Background beat: I made it in LMMS (Linux Multimedia Studio)
– All put together in Kdenlive with some support from Audacity and Avidemux.