What better way to promote your site than a contest?

I noticed one of my Twitter friends post a link to this contest at

Which brings me to something I’ve noticed lately.

Large companies and websites like B&H, Adorama, Camera Rumors, Think Tank bags, Pentax Forums, and many others seem inclined to have contests that require some type of viral social media aspect to them. For example, many say something like “Like our page on Facebook and follow us on twitter to enter the contest.” I’ll admit on occasion I do “enter” the contests as I’m technically doing right now with this contest!

This contest I linked said you could post to your blog which is a refreshing addition compared to the other contests that just want you to follow their equivalent of product news feeds, so I’m doing that in the form of an opinion article.

It isn’t a bad idea from a promotion standpoint for anyone with the funds to sponsor a contest. I just might try something similar in the future.

Oh, if I do win… I use Pentax, so that would be the Pentax FA 50mm f1.4 lens, thanks. 🙂