Action Photography

Action photos on World Pentax Day

The last time there was a World Pentax Day, I took some macro photos. This time I went with action self portraits.


Jump split, aka. “Riding the imaginary horse.”

“Pushing the imaginary lawn mower.”

Handstand splits:

Quite a set, eh? I’m thinking action bases photo are one of my favorite styles. I’d like to get more into this style in the future.

I was thinking about using flash, but didn’t. In Av mode with a wide aperture around f1.8 – f2.0 and had the ISO fixed to 400 or 800. I pre-focused by putting a twig on the ground and zooming in on that in liveview. I didn’t bother using a wireless remote, so I ended up running around a lot taking various poses with the 12 second timer. I could use the exercise anyway. 🙂