The camera Master Chief would own.

I saw that Pentax Japan will be having more K-30 camera colors than the black, white, and blue we will get over here (again).

The color that stands out the most for me is the military green. It’s pretty appealing. The added bonus is that I could see it being the Master Chief’s camera of choice (main character from the popular HALO games)…

Here is an image to illustrate my point:

So why would the Chief use the K-30?
– Military green doesn’t stand out and actually matches pretty closely with his armor color of choice.
– The matte finish version doesn’t reflect light as much as most cameras. He doesn’t want snipers seeing the glint of a shiny camera.
– The K-30 is weather resistant. Would he settle for anything less?
– The overall design fits pretty well with what I would expect to see as a military spec. Spartan camera.

If I had the funds I’d probably want to import one of those when they eventually get released. 🙂